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Cicchetti Food

Cicchetti (meaning small plates) has its roots firmly in Venice Bacari (bars). Going for Cicchetti is generally done in company, because eating them is as much a social activity as a gastronomic one. Although they may be eaten at virtually any hour, the traditional Cicchetti dining times are late morning and evening.

This Italian rooted social dining lends itself perfectly to an all you can eat menu. As a customer you can benefit from the smaller portions to choose more items on the menu. Ciao want to encourage you to try something new alongside your favourites. 


Our format for ordering  food is designed to minimise waste and keep our costs (and therefore your costs) down and to assist the kitchen ensuring that the cooking load is shared between the section of the kitchen.

Ciao's ordering system

Customer initial order can be up to 2 starters, a pizza & a main dish (pasta or speciale). Still hungry no problem, you can keep ordering pizza & main dish (as a two) until you are full or fancy moving on to our wonderful sweet range.

Ciao's menu options

Ciao offer 3 menus of cooked to order Italian Cicchetti designed to suit all budget and occasions

Our Quick Bite Menu (£13.50 pp, £6.50 U12), is a great option for a young family (4 can eat for less £40) or a mid week treat or early weekend meal.

Our Standard Menu (£18.50 pp, £8.50 U12) is a perfect choice for a group or to sample some of the Ciao speciale range. A wonderful menu where the only thing that's standard is the price.

Our Premium Menu (£25.50 pp, £12 U12)  is an amazing choice for those wanting to explore our full taste journey. The best food available in an All You Can Eat format anywhere. Simply stunning.

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